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Mira Victoria Perry of Intellevantix Shares her Beyond Boundaries Experience

The following is a submission from Beyond Boundaries participant Mira Victoria Perry of Intellevantix.

It is the direct result of the Beyond Boundaries community of mentors, peers, and the Haltech team that the CourseQuest MVP launched. The program provided momentum and structure from one week to the next to help drive the project forward with abundant peer support and practical, applicable workshops. Having an environment tailored to the unique needs of women entrepreneurs distinguished this program, enhancing its impact through its ability to deliver highly relevant content and a tailored networking environment.

More specifically, the program focused on enhancing core skills in a number of critical areas. Notable among them included a focus on authentic selling which coupled universal sales strategies with the unique approach women can bring to the sales process. With an invitation to take a service-oriented perspective on sales, I was able to bring a mental and strategic shift to my sales approach that has dramatically enhanced my enthusiasm for sales conversations. In addition to the sales training, the Beyond Boundaries program also took a deep dive into financial models from an entrepreneurial perspective, offering tangible insights into both the models themselves and, most critically, how to prepare for investor conversations.

I was perhaps most surprised by the technology conversations throughout the program and specifically in the technology deep dive sessions. With a 20+ year career in the tech industry, including as lead analyst for the Canadian software applications market, I was delighted by the number and variety of technology tips I was able to glean from our program mentors and my Beyond Boundaries peers. When time is precious and priorities are numerous, the tips and tools uncovered in this program make a tremendous difference.

I am grateful for the team at Haltech for bringing this program forward and for the time, insights, and authenticity offered by the Beyond Boundaries mentors. This program was wind at my back, offering support and a gentle nudge forward that has made all the difference in seeing CourseQuest come to fruition.


Mira Victoria Perry, Executive Director

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